He is an artist born in the town of Orocuina Choluteca, Honduras in 1962. Master of Plastic Arts, graduated from the Honduras National School of Fine Arts in 1986. Sánchez has had numerous individual and group exhibitions in Honduras. His group exhibitions began in 1998, from Central America eventually crossing over to Cuba, Mexico, USA, Ecuador, Finland, France and Ireland. Sánchez has been a well know artist in his country and internationally for a numbers of years.

Omar Sánchez works as a member of different arts projects such as art exhibitions organizer at national and international level.

Sánchez is an Artist member of The Finnish-Honduran Society.

Honors: “Jury in the Government of Honduras” Honors Mention “Secretariat of Natural Resources and Environment, SERNA”

Honors Mention “Mayor of Guadalajara, Jalisco”

Honors Mention “Governor of Knoxville Tennessee.”

The main theme is the environment, specifically the deforestation and pollution that produces global warming. The woman represents the beauty of nature and humans.”