Hendry Misael Rivera Amador, December 4, 1979, National School of Fine Arts, 1998. Master of Plastic Arts Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Hendry is a visual artist that has participated and several art exhibitions in his country trying to represent the temporality of human being like a main topic through the color and academic forms represented in his paintings.

At the present he has joined to a group of entrepreneurial artists with whom he has exhibited beyond the borders of his country, showing his work in different places at an international level.

Hendry Rivera is currently a representative an Honorary Board Member of The Finnish-Honduran Society, a non-proit Society that is responsible for promoting cultural events and friendship ties abroad.


  • 2012, Honorable Mention Biennial of Painting ,Honduran Institute of Inter-American Culture.
  • 2005, First drawing prize “Tula Bogran” Sampedrano Cultural center.

“My plastic statement is oriented to the representation of the modern being experiences, I try to represent the cosification and alienation and how a consumer society is the evocation of a false god and how we are adsorbed by a liquid modernity and how we becomes in a unsatisfy consumers and anterteinment hunters”.