José Francisco Pinto Rodezno shows in his pictorial compositions full color landscapes, that bring the memory of the ancient streets of Tegucigalpa, nostalgic alleys, parks, towers and other elements that move the heart of the general public. Also is recognized for his series of works about clowns full of grace and color.

Born in San Marcos de Ocotepeque, Honduras. And a resident from an early age in  the capital of Honduras Tegucigalpa, where he completed his degree in foreign languages at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras.

He had a inclination to drawing and painting from his childhood.Then he decided to devote himself professionally to his artistic passion. Since the year of 1987, he have  showed great skill in the style of his works. He made his first exhibition in IHCI (Instituto Hondureño de culture inter-American in Tegucigalpa in that year.

This outstanding artist has been in international exhibitions in cities such as New Orleans, Miami, Houston, New York, Washington, San Salvador, Seoul, South Korea, Cuba, countries like Brazil, Chile and Spain among others.Their most recent international exhibitions have been in 2014 in Montreal and Ottawa, Canada and recently 2 in New London, London

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