Graduated from the Honduran National School of Fine Arts in 1998. Originally from San Marcos de Colon, Honduras.

Honduran artist, with twenty years of experience. He has stood out for representing the beauty of Honduras with colorful landscapes and the extraordinary beauty of Mayan culture.

Fernando is an artist with the need to experience new parameters such as esthetic resources in human figurer. In this work rather than seeing man as a whole, there is a symbiotic relationship with his environment.

In this new proposal, there are several elements, where the human being is shown in a state of reflection. Where the Mayan faces and writing are also implicit, which are cha- racteristic images of the Mesoamerican culture. Thus creating a relationship between man and nature.


2000, Honorable Mention at San Miguel Arcangel Fair, Honduras.

“With this work I try to emphasize the intimate need to deepen the knowledge of all our roots, demonstrating that our country has a diversity of millenary riches”