My passion for photography comes from a constant engagement in absorbing the beauty that has been so masterfully displayed in creation. No matter what I see, whether a tree, a flower, a lake, the ocean, mountains, or an amazing grand landscape, they all evoke a feeling or mood which impacts me and each individual differently. My work in photography is the careful capture and artistic reproduction of what I perceived and felt at the time of the capture. 

Photography is an art. As such, individual expressions and styles are very appropriate. It is the creativity displayed through different expressions and styles styles that enables the presentation of images that accurately convey the passion a photographer feels about the subject. There is no right or wrong style in the art of photography, there is only individual creative styles which we must respect and enjoy.

Indulging yourself in viewing a piece of Fine Art Photography is an experience which goes beyond the eye. There is a stimulation of the imagination and the heart that comes from the colors and shapes displayed in an image. It is my desire that the images you will view in my digital galleries will stimulate and inspire your heart.